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Client Risk Assessment

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Office Details:

This client risk assessment is to be completed by managers or seniors when inside the client's home.
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Area Client is Based:(Required)
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Client Details:

Client's Name:(Required)
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To be used as a unique identifier for the client - will be listed in their careplan.

Risk Assessments

IE: Keypad or does the client let the carers in?
For example - steep steps to climb before gaining access. If none state no potential hazards.

1. Fire Safety/Risk Assessment

either unable to walk or difficulty in walking for example in a wheelchair or requires a hoist for moving and handling.
Such as a hearing or sight issue or suffers from a form of dementia.
either check or ask the client if they have a working smoke alarm fitted.
Detail above if there is any evidence or History of fires Client not careful with smoking materials Scorch marks on bedding, clothing and/or carpets Client Leaving cooking unattended Large quantities of loose papers/stored/hoarded items in rooms Use of candles unguarded/close to combustible materials.
Decision to refer to Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service?(Required)

2. Internal risk assessment

Detail the internal areas for example Hallways /Passageways, Rooms within the home where care is delivered.
Where are the potential hazards such as obstruction/Mats/Tripping etc..
Where is there potential risk for example Upstairs carpet,etc..
who is the potential risk to for example is it the Care Staff/Client or both.